Monday, May 15, 2017

I am in LOVE with Upcycling Denim!

I would say I have always been crafty and just a bit frugal.  Waste not want not, right!

With the opening of my Etsy shop that kindof lifestyle has turned into a passion.  I see something I like on Pinterest and it just snowballs from there.

I have played with reclaimed lumber, rusty barn metal, vintage lace and upcycled coffee sacks.  My own home is decorated with my handmade items.  Everything I love I just keep recreating and sharing with my fabulous customers.

But I recently saw a purse I loved made out of denim.  I reeeeaaaaallllly reeeeeaaaaallllly LOVED it.  So I made it.  Once you look up repurposed denim you quickly realize it's just fabric.  Fabulous fabric that can reupholster furniture, become a rug, a purse, curtains or anything that can feasibly be made from fabric.  Need I say more.  So here are a couple of my recent creations.

Today I'm starting on some denim baskets.  I've really been wanting to create some.  Hoping they can contain a mountain of stuffed animals.

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