Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Homemade Ornaments: Fun, Inexpensive and Meaningful

I love love love ornaments.  I especially love it when they tell a story and have meaning and 30 years later it brings back a memory!  Sometimes we buy them when there is one we find that is perfect.  But a lot of times we make them which saves money and makes it easy to customize and personalize.

Here are a few of our families creations.  I hope you enjoy and are inspired to make your Christmas special.

Salt dough:  You can make them in any shape, bake and paint.  Then I clear coat with clear spray paint.  Here's a few pics

Cardboard Letters:  I used cookie cutters traced out the letters on cereal boxes then made teeny stacks of cardboard to make them like large cardboard letters.  Wrapped them in brown paper.  When it was completely dry I glittered.  This CSU is for the college our daughter was at and of course in the college colors.

Tin Can:  I try to make the ornaments pertain to the person, what they are into or what's going on in their life.  This tin can is from pellets.  This was for one of the boys that just loves hunting and shooting.  I am ALWAYS finding the empty cans around the house.  So I nabbed one, punched a hole in the top and added a ribbon.  Easiest by far!

Hand Painted Tin Can Lids:  I repurpose a lot of things.  We saw some on pinterest one time and went for it.  Just save a couple lids and you have a few really cheap ornaments. I made extras to give to any company that stopped by the house that year.   We open a lot of the really large cans so the one with our whole family is painted on one of them. (We won't fit on a small lid, lol).   Punch the hole before you paint.  I use the 50 cent paints from Walmart and clear coat when done.

Blown Out Eggs:  Then someone showed us how to blow out eggs.  So we painted on them.  Each of the younger kids blew out their own and painted it.  Messy but fun. 


Merry Christmas!