Wednesday, February 3, 2016

10 Ways to Save Between $5 & $10 a Month

$5 or $10 doesn't sound like much.  But, when you save $5 or $10 a month on 10 different things it can really add up.  That's between $50 and $100 a month or $600 and $1200 a year.  Are you always out of money by payday.  This could be the $50 that holds you over.  Or maybe you want a savings account.  Can you see yourself putting away $1200 this year.

For me I'm trying to get out of debt.  If I save $100 a month and apply that towards my debt I'll get there sooner.  Then I'll work on a savings!

Here are some ways I've been implementing saving MONEY

1)  Call Your Cell Phone Company  - Monthly Savings $35

I have my cells through one of those large cell phone carriers (no names please).  I called to see what I can do to lower my $215 a month bill.  Well . . . I'm not using as much data as I'm paying for.  We were able to get wifi at home through our landline for just $5 more a month.  Now I can reduce my 3G plan to 2G, saving $20 a month.  I also have one phone on my plan that is no longer on contract, switching this phone to month to month $15 a month savings.

2) Switch Cell Phone Carriers - Monthly Savings $115

I am under contract with my current carrier.  I called and it would not save for us to switch due to the fees for breaking the contract.  If I could I would switch to something like Straight Talk or Cricket where you can get 5 phones for $100 with more data than I currently have.  I was paying $215 with my current cell company.  That would be a savings of $115 a month.  Wow!  

3) Drop your Cell Phone and Device Insurance - Monthly Savings $10

We were paying $10 a month for insurance on a device.  Over the life of the 2 year contract that's an extra $240.  You have to weigh this one out for yourself.  If your device breaks can you replace it?  If so then save that $10 and put it in a savings.  It will still be there if you need it.  You can even pick up refurbished devices for cheaper than that.

4) Make your own Beauty Products -  Monthly Savings $10 - $20

I've been learning to make my own shampoo & conditioner, soap, hairspray, dry shampoo.  Ahhh, I love pinterest!  I've been posting some that I love, so check my other posts.  You will reap the rewards of better health by making your own as well.  Some are super simple and use common ingredients and cost pennies.  The amount you'll save here varies greatly.  I have a big family and we use a lot of product in any given month.

Go to my Beauty For Life Pinterest Board for lots of great inspiration.

5)  Make your own  - $5 - $10

I know not everyone wants to make their own everything.  If you're broke you do what you have to do.  If you have a goal of saving money then you have some inspiration.  The more I DIY my shampoos and household cleaners the more vinegar I go through.  I also drink 2 TBSP daily.  I also make my own salad dressings.  Apple Cider Vinegar is so good for you.   It is really as easy as putting apples in a jar.  The hard part is waiting till it's ready 6 weeks!  How much would you save if you made your own vinegar using the scrap peels and cores from apples you already buy?  I buy a quart of good quality Vinegar every month just for regular kitchen use. $5 right there.  Now I also save money because I'm using it in my Hair Rinse.  That's another $2 a month savings.  I also make my own dressings, Italian and French,  That's another savings.  It just keeps adding up here.  Yes, those items take ingredients but for a much smaller cost than premade products as well as the added health benefits. Apple Cider Vinegar

6) Natural Cleaners - DIY $Endless
So many of our cleaning products are full of chemicals.  There is a big movement to go natural.  Simple ingredients like vinegar, lemon and oil for dusting spray.  Vinegar for a clothes softener.   I just learned how to make deicer.  It's just rubbing alcohol and water.  Compare the cost of a bottle of rubbing alcohol to a bottle of premade deicer!  The savings are endless.

7) Carpool/Vanpool - Gas $ 

Join a carpool or a vanpool.  We all love love love having the freedom of driving ourselves.  But think of the possibilities carpooling has.  Less or no money for gas, less wear and tear on your tires, engine,  Everything that has to do with making your own vehicle last longer.  Maybe you'll make new friends or have time to read a book while your not driving.  My husband is saving about $120 in gas alone by carpooling with a friend.

8) Call Your Insurance Company - $60 for me

Many savings take a few moments of speaking with a rep.  Changing some things, mentioning you're carpooling and have less miles on your own vehicle can often save a few dollars.  Uping your deductible will immediately reduce your insurance.  The savings here will depend on the changes made and your insurance company.  Sometimes you may need to check rates of other companies.  I just did a quick check and received a quote that would save me $60 a month on my homeowners insurance.

9) Dinner In - $40

Don't you just love a night out.  I am often surprised when I find out how often my friends eat out.  Especially the ones with kids.  Neither can I afford to or want to.  We stopped for fast food one afternoon as a treat to the kids $40 later and I was not impressed with the food. I could have spent $40 on steak and fed my family an amazing meal at home.  If you eat out often try just eating at home one more time each week. How much do you usually spend on a meal out?

10) Conserve Energy - $26%

I just read a great blog post about saving $ by saving energy.  Basically it was mostly saying to unplug items when not in use.  That if they are off and still plugged in they are still using electricity.  While it might be hard to unplug everything all the time, unplugging some things that are infrequently used, such as the toaster should feasibly save some money.  If I saved 26% this month that would equal $81.90.  Though I don't expect to get it down that low I could see saving some money.  To see more click here.

Adapt a Waste Not Want Not attitude.  I reuse my ziplocs, don't buy papertowels, can my own food, make dinner from scratch daily, cook beans from scratch.  I save scratchpaper, rubberbands and bubble wrap.  No I'm not a hoarder and my house is clean and organized.  I just don't waste what I will be needing later.

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