Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Homemade Ornaments They'll Love

I LOVE ORNAMENTS!  Don't you?  The first year I was married we had 4 ornaments on the tree.  I wouldn't buy any either.  I wanted to fill my tree through the years.  I wanted to love and enjoy each ornament because of how we received it.  29 years and 9 kids later we have too many for the tree.  YAY!

However new ornaments each year can be really expensive.  We've tried our hand at homemade ones that are, um, not the most impressive.  Or that just don't hold up (egg carton bells).  But now with the wealth of ideas and how to's available, we gave it another try.

Salt Dough

When all else fails revert to old fashion salt dough.  Add the hooks or a wire loop for a hook before you bake.

We of course love the Ford emblem.  I made several of these for the older boys and dad.

For one of the girls that was holding a title and competing in pageants I made a salt dough sash.  I made it out of salt dough so it would be stiff and hold it's shape and then I could paint her title on it.  I did add glitter, though you can't see in the pic very well.  

The younger boys were totally into legos all year.  So salt dough lego men it was.

Cardboard Letters

I thought making cardboard letters would be super easy.  But when they are this small it was a little challenging.  I traced cookie cutters, cut them out of cardboard, cut teeny tiny pieces of cardboard and glued stacks of them in between, paper mache the whole thing, painted it green, then glued layers of green glitter.  These are the letters of the college our daughter was attending last year.

Any Item into an Ornament

One of our boys is all about the woods, hunting, shooting, fishing.  I keep finding these fun little cans laying all over the house.  So I naturally put a hole in the top and turned it into an ornament.

 For the Neighbors and Friends

 It's nice to give little gifts to everyone.  We made some cute little ornaments out of tin can lids so we could give to anyone we felt like giving a little gift to.

Lavender Eggs – Valley Food Partnership Recipe

These were last years.  This year we are going a completely different way and I think you'll enjoy.  Here's a hint.