Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Should You Homeschool Your Kids?

Before you read the article I want you to know a few things about me.  1) I am a true stay at home Mom!  2)  I have 9 children! 3) This is my 22nd year of homeschooling!

Have you ever thought about homeschooling?  

Do your kids hate school?  Do your children cry about going?  Do you cry because they go?  Do you just miss seeing them grow up? Are they being bullied? Who loves your kids more than you?  How many millions of things did you teach them before they were 5? Where in the Bible does it say kids are suppose to be seperated from their mother at 5?  Why do you think you aren't smart enough to teach your own children?

Questions like these are often the first thoughts that lead up to a decision to homeschool.  There is hope!  There is also a tremendous amount of resources out there.

Where did I begin?

Once upon a time I worked out of the home.  That sounds like the beginning of a fairytale.  But working while raising children is a far cry from the palace and glass slippers.  I cried every day when I took my boys to daycare.   I had a good job working for the State.  Highly respected, well paid, insurance.  I longed to be home with my babies.  By the time I was pregnant with our 3rd I knew I just couldn't do it anymore.  Giving up our health insurance as well as a the income, we took the plunge just before our oldest turned 5.

That fall our 5 year old would have been off to kindergarten.  No Way!  I just couldn't let him go.  Thus the decision to homeschool was made.


I had no one.  I knew no one who homeschooled.  I had merely heard mention of it.  I had no books, no groups, no co ops, no charter schools.  Just me, 3 boys and 1 supportive husband (he didn't know what he was getting into).

There was a store in the town over that sold teacher books, etc.  I went down there bought a big workbook and we started kindergarten.

I definitely recommend starting young.  The first years include coloring, painting, play doh, naps, Hi Ho Cherry O's.  Who wants to miss out on that?

Time Goes By

The nice thing about starting young is your homeschool style can change with your kids.  You have a couple of years that you can learn together before highschool.

Resources grew.  With the boom of homeschooling came a lot more resources.  It is easier than ever to find curriculum, a homeschool group or a co op.  Or even enroll in an online academy. Our state has online school that is free. They provide the curriculum for free and the kids are still home with you.


What about socialization?  Won't they be socially akward.  I heard this so much when my kids were young (my oldest kids).  I mean really, who do you want them to socialize with anyway?  I don't want to constantly be surrounded by people that are bad influences anymore than I want my kids to be.

My children have always been in community sports, jr. high and highschool sports, Awanas, youth group, Young Life, Sunday School, homeschool groups, 4H, Miss American Program (the girls), volunteered in their community.  They are by no means lacking socialization.

Adjusting to the Real World

What about when they grow up? sports? go to college? get a job?  

I had all those questions thrown at me from the time I started homeschooling.  

For me, the nice thing is I have 4 grown children now.  I have children that have gone to community college, university, joined the Marine Corps, held jobs, been promoted, owned and sold homes, 1 engaged, 1 married, bought cars, have friends outside the homeschool circle.

I have no doubts that homeschooling was and is the best choice for our family.  I know they'll grow up and become functioning adults that lead productive lives.


Making a decision to homeschool doesn't necessarily mean forever.  Plenty of kids are homeschooled and later return to public school.  If it doesn't work out or if you change your mind, 1 or 10 years from now, you can always go back to public school.  We made our decision and never gave the alternative to our children to go to public school.  Our kids have never questioned us on it or requested to go.  I feel you set yourself up for a battle if you are always asking "Do you want to go to school?".  Most times when the kids are out in the world other kids express their wishes to be homeschooled too.

This Year

This year I'll have a only 4 babies at home for the first time in 16 years.  A Freshman, a 6th grader, a 2nd grader and a 3 year old.  Since the 3 school aged kids are all boys they may do a lot of Science and Wood Shop.  That is work, on their Tree Fort and Play in the Pond!

Happy Homeschooling!