Sunday, August 16, 2015

Choosing Lamps for the Master Bedroom Makeover

I have found two lamps that I'm thinking are going to work for my Master Bedroom Makeover.  

I found the first at Goodwill 1/2 off.  I paid $1.99 for it!  That's a find.

Then I found these 2 shades at a garage sale.  I kinda bundled everything I bought so I don't really have a price but probably around $2 for the 2 of them.  They were in great shape.

Later at another quick stop I scored this cute lamp.  Definitely this one is for my side.  Love the curves of the legs.  Guess how much?  $0.50!!!!  I thought it was broke and would need rewired, but it wasn't.  It just had a bulb broke of in it.

I just need to decide.  Should I leave them brass, or paint them or what?  Here is a few of my inspiration photos that I have been pinning.

Love  the French Country on this.


The shiny on this is what attracted me.

Transform some Goodwill lamps with Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint, which dries into a mirror-like finish

Love the lamp shade on this one.

Love this Lamp/ DIY along with 13 other great ideas!

I feel like the shade is too big on the curvy lamp.  The shades are a little too white.  (Though the pics here don't show it.)  What do you all think?

When I think of how much I have spent on home decor in the past.  And how I thought everything had to be new and perfect.  Not sure if I should sulk in the thought of how stupid I was or relish in how far I've come!

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