Saturday, August 8, 2015

Art Wall - Love Your Rustic Country Home & Display the Kids Art

One day while sitting, Pinning happily, I thought, "I need to make an effort to make my real home look like my Pinterest Home!"  Am  I right, ladies?

There are so many little things, that don't take long to complete.  Even if I just get one done at a time, eventually I'll have a real life Pinterest Home.

This week. I snuck outside (while hubby was at work) and snatched up an old bed frame that the guys thought they were going to use like a hog panel.  AhAh!  I had other plans for it.


I washed it thoroughly, clear coated it and headed upstairs to the school room.

First I had to move the giant chalk board that had been hovering in a corner for, um like 8 years.  I gave it a place on the wall.  The kids are loving it!

I was going to put it flat on the wall.  I decided that wouldn't work so . . . out to the barn again for some scrap lumber.  I screwed the blocks to the wall.  Then I used horseshoe nails and hooked the frame to the blocks.

A few clothespins from the laundry room later . . . and I now have someplace to easily display the kids art.

It'll be full in no time!

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