Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Master Bedroom in the Making

One of my goals this year (and for the last couple of years) has been to make my bedroom the MASTER BEDROOM.  It never has been.  It's has been the center point, the nursery, toddler room, computer central, meeting room.  Everything but a luxurious retreat for my hubby and I.  

After 29 years of marriage I am ready to take this room to the next level.  So by April 2016 I am going to have this done.  It'll be like a 30th Wedding Anniversary gift to myself and my hubby.

Love this room.  It's not mine.  But I could live here.  Linen, chandeliers, burlap.  Can you say Gorgeous?   

I decided this winter, while spending 10 hours sewing TiArra into a gown, that her dress was my inspiration.  She sang "Think of Me" from "The Phantom of the Opera".  How romantic is that?

As I held this dress in my hands it just reminded me of ROMANCE!  Puddles of satin, yards of

 lace, bows, ruffles, champagne colors, broaches and sparkly gems.  I want my bedroom to be all of that.

I created a pinterest board, of course, to keep me on track.  I am torn between this dress and French Country.  So it may wind up being a combo of the two.
Some must have elements include:

This Gustavian Bed  

I love it!  I have never had a headboard and I want one.  I will be making it with my husband. Even more romantic, don't you think?

Side Tables 

Adorable French Country side tables.  Big enough to make a statement.  One for him, one for me.


Mismatched probably, but what color?  I can't decide, but we definitely need some lighting.

Drapes that Puddle 

Oh how I want drapes that puddle on the floor.  This may wind up being the most expensive part.  Finding luxurious fabric.  Yards and Yards of luxurious fabric.

Side Chair

Some extra seating would be nice

Ceiling Light Makeover

I NEEEEEEEEEEED  a chandelier!!!!!!  I will somehow make a chandelier that doesn't hang too low.  My husband is tall and it wouldn't be very romantic if he hit his head everytime he walked in the bedroom.

Linens Linens 

I need a new bedspread, shams, pillows, skirt to go with this theme.  Finding it all at an affordable price.

Paint Those Walls!

This should probably be the first step, but. . .  Right now they are about the color of coffee with cream (as is my whole downstairs).  Time for a brighter color.  Maybe a whitewash?

If I could just make my home look like it is off the set of "Pride and Prejudice".  I'd be happy!

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