Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Elegant Photo Backdrop

So I told you like over 2 months ago I would show you the finished Elegant Photo Backdrop.  Sorry it took so long.

Here is a finished picture.

Every year to celebrate Mother's Day our Church has a Ladies Brunch. This year I was asked if I would want to create a photo booth.  Of course I said yes.

They didn't have anything particular in mind, but the theme was "Dare to Be Beautiful".  Made me think elegant, damask, pearls.  Then I found out the speaker was handing out pearls, as they went with the message.  So excited!

I started with 3 closet doors.  You can actually find them on craigslist for free all the time.

I cleaned them.  I taped off the edge with wide masking tape. Painted the center white.

That was the easy part. Seriously!  What was I thinking.  

I found a damask stencil on sale at Joann's.  It was $2 something.  It was perfect.  I measured it out (after I got home).  Luckily it worked.  I decided to stagger every other row.

With a big square (the yellow ruler thing in the pic), lots of tape, lots of paper and weights.  I would measure out where it needed to be, tape it down.  Cover everything but the stencil with paper, weight down the paper.  Spray, wait a few minutes, spray.  Dry, remove all of that.  Start over.  A COUPLE HUNDRED TIMES!

Nothing is perfect.  Overspray, etc.  Had to go in with white and a brush and touch up a few.  Twice I actually put it on upside down. Of course I only noticed after I sprayed twice and not before.  I had to let it dry, paint it with white, let it dry, start over.

When all the damask was done, I removed the tape.  Then taped off all the white and damask and painted a black border.

After I took them to the church we used some old hinges to attach them together.

Yes, I needed my husband and boys for this.

We attached a long 2 x 4 across the top and draped the chandelier (we already had) over that.

We added a table with hats, pearls, bracelets, sample lipsticks for the ladies to dress up in.  We also had a free standing mirror for them to use.

It turned out fabulous!

Since I was using spray paint, I had to paint outside. The weather was not cooperating at all.  Then there were all these distractions.

The barn we are building for free.  (I'll post about that when it's done.)

The Spring Fair we were given tickets to.

And, this light I am trying to patina, or destroy is what my husband is thinking.

It was a challenge to create.  I love how it turned out. I might consider wall papering a backdrop with so much detail though.

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