Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Day in the Life!

Sometimes I think I'm just crazy.  The amount of stuff I take on in a week or even a day!  Here's a few of the things going on in my life.  You know besides dinner, dishes, kids, laundry, running a house, . . .

Painting the inside of the house.  Yes, all the paint was free.  I didn't paint the whole thing with that brush.  It was a test spot.  What if I didn't like the color?

TiAnna and I mixed about 16 different containers of paint I picked up in Seattle.

The end result?  Later . . .

Headed to a Bridal Shower.  Whipped up 3 adorable matching aprons.  One for the bride and one for each of her little girls.  Then cooked up caramel sauce, raspberry syrup, and blueberry syrup.  Added the recipes and the gifts to a tray.  

Trying my hand at Ebay.  These are items I made.



Date Night with my hubby.  We went antique shopping and out to dinner.  Doesn't happen often.

Making some Wedding Gifts.  I have two weddings to go to next weekend.  Have to finish these.  Can't show the whole thing.  Haven't given them yet. 

4th of July crafts.  I love Red, White and Blue.  Been wanting to make these for so long.  

Gearing up for Football!  Literally.  Had to order new cleats.  And my baby starting practice for high school football.  He's in the black jersey.

Made a sign for a friend:

Time to go clean the pool!