Tuesday, May 26, 2015

GROCERY Sign - How You Can Make Your Own

Who hasn't seen all these pins of the GROCERY  sign.  I love it.  We even saw it in Hobby Lobby.  My husband liked it too.  I was like YES!

He said, "Let's buy it".

Of course I said, "No Way!  I can make that for FREE!".

He was having a bit too much fun in there.

So I went out back to my stash of free wood, found a board & painted it red, with left over paint.  Badly painted, I might ad, so it looks distressed already.

I had a specific spot to fit it in.  To make the letters tall enough I couldn't use stencils.  They were all too wide to fit that many letters on my board.  I wound up free handing it.  I measured it out so I knew the letters would fit.

I used a 1" foam brush.

 Sanded it a little

The finished look!

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