Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feed Sack Art

I love the whole feed sack look, but I was thinking I don't like the dust a fabric picture would collect.  I decided to just paint my own feed sack pic on wood.  On wood it can be dusted easily.

This is my inspiration for the piece.  I saw this on Pinterest.  It is painted onto a shower curtain.  Super cute!

I started with a cupboard door I (well my husband built it) that I never used.  Sorry honey.  It was a flat board with trim around it, already painted black.  Here's what it looked like.

I can't find the pics we took along the way.  But here are the steps.

1.  Paint the whole thing black.
2.  Paint White over it.  Just don't paint it very well.  Leave some black showing.
3.  Draw your cows.  I have an artistic daughter.  I showed her the image I wanted.  She hand drew it with a pencil.  Then painted it brown, added some white.  And this cute little brand on its bum.

4.  Place the stencils.  I used a big round lid to get the arch.  I place the stencils around it and taped them down.

5. Customize.  I changed the name of the mill!  Ford Country Mills.  Also the brand on the bum.  That's the same as  the sign on the front porch.

The year we were married.

6.  Last step.  Stain.  I age my pics like this by going over the finished product with left over stain.  I used a rag and rubbed it on.  A little here and thicker there.  Too much can be wiped off before it dries.

This one is hanging in the bathroom I'm making over.  If I ever finish I'll show that to ya'll.

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