Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Empty Tomb

Remembering that Easter is about Jesus can be a challenge.  All the bunnies and eggs and candy keep distracting us.  When I saw this idea on Pinterest I loved it.  Especially since I felt my younger kids would be able to be totally involved.

The Base

A nice sturdy container.  Mine is the bottom of an old chicken feeder. (The top is destined to be the chandelier in the stair well.)  

This feeder was nice and rusty.  So we put stick on little felties on the bottom to make sure the rust didn't touch the furniture.

Collect Dirt, Rocks, Moss & An Empty Planter

We found some gravel, some pretty rocks, an empty planter. Then covered it all with moss out of the woods.

Rocks & Crosses

One of the kids had written on rocks: "He is Risen", "Jesus", "Believe", "28:6".  We included these.

 Using sticks and burlap twine, we made 3 crosses.  We hot glued them together first so it was easier to tie.  The boys were thrilled to get to use the hot glue gun for the first time.  My little girl, quite upset she is not a 10 year old boy.  She didn't get to use it.

Don't forget the nice big stone for the one that was rolled away.

"He is not here, He has Risen"
Matt. 28:6

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