Thursday, April 16, 2015

Family Friendly Front Porch

Why was I so crazy to post last week that I would reveal my front porch this week?  I am crazy!  Plus a little motivation by my husband to refinish that Church pew.

Church Pew

It all started with a free Church pew I picked up in Seattle a couple of weeks ago.  I brought home 2.  1 for the dining room see it in my Dining Room and this 9 foot beauty.  Well there is no room for it in the house and hubby didn't like it on the front port.

Sooo . . . 

A little paint and a couple of pillows

Sitting by itself, not impressive.  Thus the whole makeover began.

A couple of crates.

I found 2 crates out in the shed that were totally not being used.  Just taking up space.  The larger I stenciled Smith & Wesson (just for fun).  Then stained it.  Now it's a coffee table as well as some storage.

The 2nd I painted red for a side table.
Don't you just love red!

Some Free Chairs

Found these on the side of the road for free a few months back.

A little spray paint.  A 50 cent burlap coffee sack.


Oh I had these shutters.  I bought them at a garage sale almost 2 years ago.  $1 a piece!  Can you believe that price?  Cleaned them spray painted them.  Still sitting in the back yard.  

Well now they are hung!

Rusty Buckets

What is it about rusty stuff these days?  I don't know, but I'm addicted too.  However, the more the rust the bigger the price tag.  So me and my minions went to the shed and picked out 4 black plastic planters.  Drilled holes.  Spray painted them with metalic silver, rusted them with cinnamon and strung them up by a rope.

I know have 4 beautiful hanging baskets.

And this rusty old tool box.  Also sitting in the shed, holding other rusty stuff I'll find a use for later.

Signs - I love to make!

I do love to customize and create my own signs.  I am lucky to have a few piles of free wood aging in my back yard.
Inspired by the devotion I was reading this morning. 
I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10, NKJV).

We built this bench on the fly to just balance the two sides.  It adds more seating as well.

Our family brand.  That is if we ever own that cattle ranch and need it.

Plants, Plants, Plants

My really cheap makeover included sending the kids out around the property to bring back some greenery.  We planted a couple of bushes on both sides of this bench in old pots.  We sprayed them black and put burlap bows around them.

 The sign above the steps I made last year

Live Large 

This definitely took a little time & effort.  I try to include my family in everything and enjoy them along the way.  Very little money was spent.  All the wood & furniture were free.  Most of the paint was free.  I bought one can of spray paint for the pots.  I bought the shutters 2 years ago for $4.  The burlap coffee sacks were 50 cents each and I used 3 of them.  All together that's $9.36.

Final Thoughts 

While sitting here, one of the boys asked "Is this our new family room?".  I hope so. . . 


  1. Just saw your post on Apartment Therapy.. Very Cute! this look matches the house and what appears to be your Full of Life Energy.. Very very Pretty.. Great Job!

    1. Such sweet comments. Makes me feel great. Thank you!

  2. Very nice! I love the red crate and especially the Abundant Life sign. Now I'm feeling inspired to spray paint my faded shutters.

    1. Thank you. I love that you love it. Hope you find time to do your shutters. I can't believe the difference. I wish I would have done it all sooner.