Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Elegant Photo Backdrop Underway

The last few parties we've thrown have included photo booths.   They add a bit of fun and a simple activity to any party.

Western Themed Party: 

We built a Cardboard Western Town.  We stopped off at a furniture store and picked up cardboard.  Painted and put them in the back yard.  Everyone loved it! 


4th of July:

10 ft x 5 ft corrugated metal.  Love the American Flag.  I hand painted this on old metal.  Then distressed it.  Added some real rust (My secret don't ask how.)

Add some props!

Tee Party:

When you have a golfer in the family you'll need to throw a Golf Themed Party at some point.  This one is also on old metal.  We added a golf bag, argyle sweaters, visors, clubs.  Everyone had fun dressing up.

Carrousel De Paris:

Paris for a Sweet Sixteen.  Another metal backdrop.  I like the metal because you can go big but not heavy.  This is 9 feet tall!  Hand painted, a little rustic.

Ladies Brunch:

Working on an Elegant Damask backdrop for the Ladies Brunch this coming weekend.


3 closet doors & a stencil.  Come back next week to see the results!

(Will post as soon as the photos are ready)

7/21/15 Final results (finally) http://www.fordcountrydiy.com/2015/07/elegant-photo-backdrop.html