Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Lanterns

Oh how I love all the beautiful lanterns filled with gorgeous items on Pinterest.  I saw one at JoAnn's the other day $69.  So my inspiration was a little of both. 

 I'll have to remember to put moss in the bottom of mine.  It makes a bigger difference than you'd think - Common Ground: Spring Mantel and Cloches Love this one from Pinterest.

I also love the soft white decor and not just the bright Easter colors.

So me and my partner in crime stopped by the Habitat for Humanity Store and picked up a couple old lights.  I even caught them on a sale.  So for three lights I paid a total of $5.75.

Just think about it.  NO ONE is ever going to buy these brass babies and put them in a house again.  So really I am saving the earth one craft at a time!

Remove Hardware & Clean Them Up

We removed all the electrical wires and connections.  Cleaned them with a soapy rag.

Paint Them

 We used regular house paint.  I will probably use spray paint for the next one.


Send your wonderful boys to the woods for some fresh moss.  This is so fresh it is still stuck to the wood.

Maybe Dry the Moss Next Time

So the funny thing is we thought you may need to preserve the moss first.  We just put it right in there.  The next morning the glass was all fogged up from the dew.  LOL it is awfully cute though.

Put Stuff Inside

We just layed down the moss.  Added a few cute bunnies we already had.  Decided a couple of rocks and a little fake flower were needed.  

I mean look at these bunnies!

A Few More Views

I haven't finished the other two lights.  Will be doing those later this week and I will add the pics then.  Hope this inspires you! 

He is Not Here, He has Risen! 
Matt. 28:6

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