Thursday, April 9, 2015

12 Foot Church Pew For The Dining Room!

I have a habit of doing everything big.  Big family, big house, big furniture.  So it should be no surprise to my husband when I lug home a huge 12 foot Church Pew to put in our Dining Room!


Ok, I'm not the best at getting things off Craigslist.  Usually the stuff is gone before I even see it.  Or it's on the side of the road and by the time I get there it'll be gone.  Never the less, I keep trying.  

This time I got lucky.  I put in my email I have a huge table and family (9 kids) and would love to have this in my dining room.  Hoping that the knowledge I wouldn't just be turning it for a profit helped.  The guys grandma had 9 kids, so I think it helped.


The drive to Seattle keeps me from wanting most items.  For this I made the trip.  Downtown, it was actually beautiful.  I love the old brick buildings.

Here She Is

In a basement.  My poor boys.  The first one, 9 foot long, barely fit out the door.  I mean up the stairs, around a corner, glass wall and door at the top.   This baby is heavy too.


The horror, when I realized there was no way the 12 foot bench was going out that door.  How did they ever get it in?  It appears it had been disassembled and reassembled!  However, all the screws were stripped when reassembled and they are countersunk.  It will not be coming apart that way.

In Half!

The guys working on the building had power tools.  It had to be cut or I wouldn't be taking it.  He did a pretty clean job at least.  Hoping it'll go back together somehow (Todd I've got a job for you).

Free Paint

So if I'm going to drive all the way to Seattle, I better make it count.  There had been another add for free paint at a second hand building supply store.  Just a couple roads over.  All the free paint I wanted.  Second Use

Sanding & Painting

Now the real work began.  I worked under the cover of the front porch do to our crazy weather lately.

Such Amazing Helpers!

Putting Her Back Together Again

Lots of Praying this is going to work.  We brought it in the house so we had a nice flat surface.  We put two long boards on the back and two underneath.  Then filled the crack with filler.  Painted it again.  


Funny Results

Crazy, the dining room actually looks less cluttered and like it has more room.  You would think it would looked cramped adding a 12 foot high back and high arms pew to the room.  But the opposite happened.  We backed it up to the wall (almost) and then the table up to it.  Leaving enough room to get in.  Removed the extra 4 chairs.  There is more floor space because there isn't a walkway all around the table, just on the one side.

The table is 8'8".  By putting the 12' bench it gives over a foot and a half extra on each end.  Makes it easier to get in and out of.  I'm so glad I used the 12 footer.

The Other Bench

Still working on it.  It will be on the front porch.  Maybe by next week!!!!!! See my Front Porch Makeover here!

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