Friday, March 20, 2015

Coffee & Curtains

The only thing more fun than being a housewife is having great friends that are housewives too!  I love getting together with a good friend and a cup of coffee (kids in tow).

This day we got to put our friendship to good use and makeover a couple of windows with new curtains.

We sent the boys out to get sticks from the woods.  Using a nice long stick.  We tied (with ribbon) it to a couple of good nails that we put in the wall.

Then stopped for some coffee!

Burlap, Burlap, Burlap!

What is the attraction to burlap? I don't know. But, Brenda and I have both fallen in love with it.  She made a great find and picked us both up a stack of old coffee sacks for 50 cents each!  For this wonderful project we put the girls to work taking out the seams.

 Sorry it's blurry!  I'm not much of a DIY photographer.

Our inspiration for this project from Pinterest!  Brenda wanted a mix of these two.

such cute window treatments!! Love!! Maybe for the windows behind the sink in the kitchen?! Landscaping burlap for drapes. It has an open weave and is lighter than regular burlap.

We took the coffee bags and played with them and tucked them around the stick till she loved her own curtains as much as these.  No hemming, sewing, gluing or anything!  Sooo Easy!

Another Curtain Makeover

Same day, same house, but another cup of coffee later.  We turned our attention to the next room.  Took down the old metal white rods.  Sent the boys back out for more sticks.  

We left the existing brackets on the wall.  Tied the sticks to them.  You can't see them because the curtain hides the brackets.

We reused the her adorable curtains with little roosters on them and tied them to the stick with matching ribbon.

 Love Love This!

Total Cost $2
For the burlap sacks.  Sticks were free thanks to the Pacific Northwest.  Ribbon was out of her stash.

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