Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's Not All About The Crown

Sometimes in life we don't win.  Even harder, when our kids don't win.   1st Runner Up is an amazing feat when competing in the Miss America Program.  Although heart wrenching when your child put everything she is into it.

4 Points to the Crown

Service, Style, Scholarship, Success.  This beautiful young lady has all of these qualities and so much more.


Tirelessly serving as a volunteer in her community. Sunday School, VBS, Food Ministry, Homecoming Dress Drive for Others, helping with her friends volunteer work, Jr. Coach, Towel Girl, Concession Stand.  If there is somewhere she can help she is there.


Showing up to every practice well dressed.  It helps that she loves fashion and I do mean love.


$1600 in scholarship money.  As a sophomore in high school that is a lot of scholarship already.  With plans to attend a 4 year university and major in business as well as journalism, I think this is going to help.  How many sophomores do you know that already have college plans and scholarship money they have earned themselves?


TiArra is going to succeed at everything she does.  She knows how to go out and make her dreams happen.  Though a panel of judges may be there on Pageant Day in real life only God is our judge. 



There really should be a 5th Point to the Crown.  Shoes! Talent, Opening Number, Fitness, Interview, Evening Gown, Backup Pair! Shoes are an integral part of the pageant.  You walk more elegantly in heels.  And it's a good excuse to buy a new pair, even if you're only attending.  I promised TiArra if she didn't win I would take her shoe shopping!

What We Learned

As hard as it is to have to say I've learned something or my child has learned something, even from not winning.  We do, she does, I do, siblings do.

  Gracious, Flexible, Strong, Forgiving, Courageous 

These are things being 1st runner up  teach us.  Or the real 5 points of the crown.  Keeping ones composure on stage or in the seats while you know your child's heart is aching.

Proud Parents

How incredibly proud we are of TiArra.  She is an amazing young lady.  Embodying all the points of the crown, all of them.  Such dedication, poise, talent, kindness, hard work.  We are in awe of her.  The times when she has been backstage praying with a nervous contestant, sewing up someone else's ripped shoes, putting on false eyelashes for another girl instead of doing her own makeup, curling others hair, convincing others to come compete with her (or against her) because she wants them to get the benefits.  I (we) couldn't be prouder, because of who she is.

Let's Go Shoe Shopping!