Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving In A Box

Do you have loved ones who you'll be missing on Thanksgiving!

My daughters is over 2,000 miles away at college. #dontsendyourkidstocollege.  Too far to come home for a long weekend.  I am sure Thanksgiving will be hard (for all of us).  So we decided the least we could do was send her Thanksgiving In A Box!


1 can of Gluten Free Turkey
1 Yam 
1 Can of Pumpkin (for Pumpkin Pie in a Cup)
1 box of Craisins 
1 bag of Gluten Free Cookies
3 small wooden block pumpkins (handmade by little siblings)
1 small burlap garland
1 Card
1 Box full of Love and Prayers

Here's Tennyson painting her wooden block (scavenged from a huge bucket of blocks upstairs)

TiAnna has allergies.  I had previously sent her the Pumpkin Pie in a Cup Recipe check out the link here to my previous post


 the Pumpkin Spice for it check out the recipe here

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