Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Easy Appliance Cabinet

I love those new kitchens with their special skinny cabinets just to hold all those small appliances.  But I don't live in one of those kitchens.  I am definitely blessed to live in a beautiful house all be it a "cookie cutter".   So I recently set my mind to making it my own.  Organizing and adding the character I've always wanted.

First Stop - Easy Appliance Cabinet

This spot was originally a small eating nook.  Housing two stools and very rarely used.  No one ever wanted to eat here.  I mean who would?  While everyone else is gathered around a huge table, two little guys would be facing the wall.  Not fun!

I don't know why it takes me so long to decide it's okay in my own home to alter things.  I finally made the decision to get those stools out of there and put this corner to good use.

I do a lot of cooking and I have a lot of kitchen gadgets.  My cupboards are all bursting at the seems (another blessing).  I decided if all the blenders, crockpots, mixers, and bread machines were in one spot, they' ld be easier to get to.  Thus, more ORGANIZED!  Love it!
So, for my birthday I asked my husband for labor only.  Smart right?

In just one afternoon, he built some shelves. 
  I checked the height of the appliances before he placed them.  Wanted to make sure they all fit.

I used a tension rod and placed it just under the edge of the counter.   I sewed a curtain out of a cute checkered tablecloth that doesn't fit my table.  And there you have it.

I am now the owner of a fabulous kitchen with one of those special skinny cabinets just for appliances.

It also makes a great hiding spot for the kids.

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