Friday, May 9, 2014

Rustic Wood American Flag


One of my favorite crafts is making wooden American Flags.  The whole rustic idea is awesome because you can't mess up.  Everything just looks like it is suppose to be there.
I have used old fence boards, palletts, shingles, left over wood from other projects.  That's part of the beauty of it.

Pick whatever boards you have.  The ratio is a little trickier.  I measured a real flag I have then went from there.  Remember in school when you said "I am never going to use algebra!"  Well now you are.  Say your real flage is 58 x 33.  Your wood is 40 inches long, what is the right height for the new flag?  So you say 58/33 = 40/?.  Now cross multipy  58 times ? = 33 times 40.  The answer 58? = 1320.  Now to get the ? by itself divide both sides by 58.  1320 divided by 58 is 22 and 3/4.  So the new flag should be 40 x 22 3/4.

Start laying out your 40 inch long boards until you have enough to make about 22 3/4.  Remember it doesn't have to be exact.  This is RUSTIC.
FLIP it over and lay two shorter boards down and screw through the back.  I like to predrill my holes.  With thin would you will get a lot of splitting if you don't.

Don't forget to have a small child stand in the way!

Next you have to divide the height by thirteen to figure out the width of each stripe.  22 3/4 divided by 13 = 1 3/4.  Sometimes it just doesn't equal out.  I add a little here and there till it does.  You can make the first and last stripe a little larger or a little smaller.  I usually pick the bottom board a little wavy for dramatic effect.
I use masking tape or painters tape and tape off everything but where the red goes, paint the red. After that dries I tape off everything but where the white goes and paint that.  Then the blue, you get it. 

I love this big yellow tool.  I don't know what it's called but it is great for measuring and keeping things square.  The stars are probably the hardest part.  6 rows of 5, 5 rows of 4. Dividing spacing,  Different size stars for every different size flag.  I use a white pencil to mark the rows and placement.  After I paint the stars I go back and erase the pencil.

Lots of knots, cracks, waves and holes makes a good rustic flag.AND HERE SHE IS!  Gotta LOVE AMERICA!

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