Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DIY Wooden Sign for Easter

I have seen a lot of inspirational signs and pictures (mostly on Pinterest).  When Easter rolled around I was still wanting some of those.  So . . . I made myself one.

I went to the garage and picked out a scrap of wood.  Lucky for me I keep that stuff around!  Then I had my two of best helpers sit at the table and paint a couple of old cans.  Art for them, kept them busy for me.

I painted the whole board white but not real thick, leaving spots not painted.

Then I went over the white with some light blue (Eastery) and left white showing.                          
  I don't have a super artistic hand so I trace things whenever I can.  I pulled a cross off the wall and traced it.  Then I just lightly painted the markings with black and white swirled together.  After the that dried I went over it with more blue, so you could see it but it wasn't bam in your face.

So I thought I took a lot of pics but can't seem to find them.  I mostly used stencils.  But the larger words I free handed.  I don't always have the right size.
And the kids finished their art project too.

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