Friday, March 14, 2014

1 Free Dresser, 6+ Free Projects

1 Free Dresser.  How many projects can be made?  Let's find out.

Here's my free dresser.  My son found this by the side of the road with a FREE sign.   My favorite number. 

First things first.  My main project with this beauty is a place for shoes that looks amazing.


1st things first.  My main project with this beauty is a place for shoes that looks amazing.  Check out my previous article for details on how I finished it.    


Next project.  Turn the fronts of the drawers into coat hooks.  I removed the panels from the drawers.  Removed the knobs.  Filled in the holes with putty.  Then I spaced out four knobs on each panel and drilled new holes.  I had to put some washers under each knob because without the rest of the drawer the screws were too long.  I couldn't decide if I liked them white like the dresser.  I went ahead and hung them on the wall to decide later.  I finally decided I wanted them black (like some of the other furniture in my house).  That way they went with the shoe shelf but didn't matchy match it.  I have decided to paint them black when time allows.  

Wood is wood!  Why pay a lot for it, there is plenty of it out there for free.  My husband took apart one of the drawers and made a little box for me.  We painted it black, stenciled Recipes on it.  Then I put some of our family favorites on index cards and placed them in the box.  Perfect Bridal Shower Gift for my new daughter-in-law.  I LOVED this project.  Most of my family had a hand in it.  My husband and 12 year old son made the box together.  The little boys helped with the painting.  One of my daughters and I did the stenciling.  Both the older girls and I wrote out the recipes, each one by hand, over quite a few months.  Made with Love!


Decorating for weddings and bridal showers has to be the most fun.  It can get expensive though.  When asked to help decorate for my future daughter-in-laws bridal shower, I jumped at the chance.  First I scouted out her pinterest board.  That is a great way to get ideas of what someone else really likes.  I saw some table décor she had pinned.  IDEA!  With the help of my daughters, we took the fronts of the smaller drawers, removed the hardware, filled in the holes and painted them the perfect shade of pink.  These were used on the tables under trays of cookies and under flower arrangements.  After the shower my daughter used one on her dresser as a tray to organize.


A drawer is a drawer after all.  They may not be in the dresser, but they can still hold stuff.  I took 4 of the drawers and slid them under the cradenzas.  They hold video game equipment and a few other items that needed a designated spot.  The natural wood looks great against all the painted items in the room.  I'm working on adding wheels to all of them and rope handles eventually.  They just work so well, I am really glad I saved them till I found a good use for them.


I love painting my own home decor, making signs, using rustic lumber.  Sometime it's nice to have wood that's a little less rustic. These drawer fronts have a pretty edge.  Almost like framing it without a frame.  I just made this sign for above my desk.  I also used one drawer front for another sign I gave away as a gift.  (Forgot to get a pic.)  One was used for a date sign in TiArra's homecoming pics.


1.  Shoe Shelf
2.  Coat Rack
3.  Recipe Box
4.  Bridal Shower Decor (Trivets)
5.  Dresser Decor
6.  Storage Bins - 4 of them
7.  Signs - 3 of them

So really that's like 12 things from one free dresser.  I still have a drawer left too!  What to do, What to do?
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Competing for Miss Washington's Outstanding Teen 2014

This is an amazing young lady.  She needs help getting to the Miss Washington's Outstanding Teen Pageant.

If you'ld like to help her just follow the link.

Thank you.