Friday, February 7, 2014

Made in the USA

                                                I LOVE THE USA

I love patriotic themed décor.  I had seen some flags made from pallets or old wood and I wanted one.  So I did what any woman would do, I grabbed some boards!  These boards came from a friends old fence.  My husband and one of the boys helped me screw them together.  I did have to buy new Red and Blue paint for this project, because I wanted the perfect shades Red, White and Blue.  It was worth it.

I could not find a star stamp the size I needed.  So I went to Michael's and found a piece of clear acrylic to make my own with.  I cut the star from foam and glued to the clear acrylic.  BEST STAMP EVER.  Usually you can't see the placement of your stamp because its on a chunk of wood.  The clear acrylic allowed me to see exactly where I was placing the stamp.  Wish all stamps were made this way.

It took a bit of calculating to figure out the size of the stripes and the blue square and the placement of the stars.  But I think it turned out great.   I used hanging wire on the back to hang it from, and some pretty big screws.  This is a pretty big and heavy flag and I don't want it to fall.

I LOVE the way the bottom board is wavy looking.  The old board was just that way, so I placed it on the bottom.

One to Give Away

So I had to make one for a gift for one of my grown boys.  He loves it too.

With the rustic country look you just can't go wrong.

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