Friday, February 7, 2014

Decorate Your Own Wedding

Rules To Live By

#1 Don't Be Afraid - If someone else can make it so can you.  Take on the challenge.  What's the worst that can happen?  So you make a mistake.  Throw it out and start over.  Try, try again.

#2 Make What You Love - Sure your guests should like it, but make sure when you look back you have no regrets.

#3 Use What You Have -  I use leftover wood, jars, lace, paint.  Whatever I have I make do with.

#4 Improvise - I am no artist.  I use stencils, trace things,  project shadows and shapes.  Whatever it takes.

Wood - Where do you get it? 

Friends -  Several friends have said, "I'm taking down a fence.  Can I bring the wood to your place and burn it?"  I'm always like bring the wood over, but I stack it up and save it. 

Pallets - free for the taking.  Ask local businesses, friends that work at stores, check craigslist.

Craigslist - just about any day of the week there is free wood on craigslist. 

Our First Wedding

The first of our 9 children to get married was #3, Tyler.  His bride loves all the cute things for weddings you see on Pinterest.  When they asked me to make a couple of signs I was happy to.

For each of these boards.  I just found one that was the size I was looking for.  By found, I mean I went to the garage and the piles outside and rummaged around.   Then I got into the leftover paint.  First I painted them black.  Then I painted them white, but only enough to cover and still be able to see through to the black.

First - Save the Date

This sign I used stencils (from Walmart) one size for the Names & a different size and font for the date.  I always use a ruler and measure the placement of the stencils to ensure they come out straight.  For the swirlies I started by using the curve of a heart stencil and free handed the rest.  I used pencil then when I was happy with the design painted with black and white paint.

 Love Love Love
Then - Signs for the Wedding

I added hanging brackets to the back of these.  That's why they aren't sitting exactly straight.  I did this so after the wedding they could hang them on the wall in their house.  The top board is the save the date one from above.  The Our Wedding is an arrow pointing in the direction of the entrance.  I freehanded the rest because I didn't have stencils the right size.  I tried to mimic the swirlies from the first sign and the painting techniques so they all went together.

Next - Mr. & Mrs.  and Just Married 
 Aren't they cute!

Don't forget the Thank You

Loved the heart under the Thank You.  It's there but not wham in your face there.

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