Friday, February 7, 2014

Country Shoe Storage

44 SHOES!    If each person has just two pair of shoes by the front door, 44 shoes is what you' ld get.  

There has to be a better way to contend with all of this.  Because honestly they usually have more than two pairs by the door.  I've tried baskets, buckets, closets, benches with storage underneath (sometimes throwing them across the room). 

Finally, a solution.  A free dresser!  So one of  my sons found this dresser on the side of the road.  It had good bones, real wood and was calling my name.

I had been waiting for just the right piece of furniture and this was it.  While my husband was away for the weekend, and I had one of the boys for help, I got to work.  I removed the bottom 8 drawers, which I saved for a few other projects (4 so far).  I'll post those projects later.  I cut the frame out between the lower two drawers on the right so that boots could fit in there.  Then I went out back and picked out some scrap wood.  Most of which came from old fences that friends needed to get rid of.  I cut a couple of strips and screwed them from the front to the back to add support to the shelves.  Then I cut the strips to the inside length of the dresser.  Laid the boards in there. 

This dresser already had the distressed look I wanted.  I did fill in the holes where I screwed the supports in.  Touched them up with white paint that I already had.  I almost painted this red, my husband was against that.  I'm glad I didn't.  I change the décor on top with the seasons, so white is working out well.  Gave some edges a little more sanding and DONE!

I LOVE IT.  It works great.  There is still 4 drawers at the top for storage.  It has a great top that I change the décor on all the time.  I put a little chair across from the shelf so people can sit and put their shoes on.

Almost every guest who enters my house comments on this project.  They just love it!  My foyer feels like a room now.  One that I have spent time on and decorated.  It's one more room I have to keep clean, too!

There are quite often still 44 shoes in my doorway.  But most of them can be placed on the shelf and sometimes people just need to put their shoes away.

What about all those feet! Here's one of my fave pics.  I forced them all to take their shoes off and put their feet in the pic.  Minus the youngest Ford, she wasn't born when this was taken.


  1. I have told so many people about this idea! So glad to have a link to share now! I so wish we had somewhere to put something like this. I hate tripping over shoes when you walk in my door! AWESOME idea!

    1. That is sweet. Thank you. I love my shoe storage. I should have thought of this 20 years ago.

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